Who We Are

The PrimeTest Advantage


PrimeTest Automations Team Developing Automated SolutionsTo create market-leading products, today’s companies need manufacturing automation solutions that meet aggressive requirements and lofty goals.

At PrimeTest Automation, we work with project engineers or managers who need a strong, proven firm to create automated solutions that will achieve greater throughput or higher quality.

We partner with customers to understand specific production goals, imagine new possibilities, and evaluate all tradeoffs, often identifying and solving future problems during the design process. For each project, we craft a customized team of experts from our full-time staff of engineers, designers, and software developers – including robotics, machine vision, mechanical, and electrical experts – to ensure the client has the right expertise.

This team functions as an extension of our customers’ projects, with open communication and feedback that drives quality and builds better machines. They work to design, develop, test, and integrate the new system – ultimately helping our clients meet specific production goals. Throughout development of automated solutions and long after a project is complete, clients have direct access to the help and support they need – whether a design, mechanical, or software question, they can go straight to the expert for informed, specific answers – and can spend unlimited time at our manufacturing shop understanding their system while it’s in development and testing.

In addition, our ISO 9001 Quality Management and UL 508A Training certifications ensure the quality and safety of our processes, deliverables, and service are not only informed, but also verified.