Industries Served

The broad range of automation testing platforms and quality control systems that PrimeTest Automation delivers are a great fit for multiple industries who need a strong, proven partner to create an automation solution that will achieve greater throughput and higher quality.

Some examples of areas and applications where we have added value are listed below.





Life Cycle Test systems involve the simulation of physical, chemical, and dynamic conditions inside the body. The systems monitor the performance of a medical device and records data continuously in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Medical device assembly cells make use of error proofing techniques, precision controlled motion, and other process controls to help our customers meet Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standards.

Quality control automation such as test systems or inspection systems provide traceability data and can feature automatic and secure reject containment mechanisms.


Component assembly automation systems can meet the automotive industry demands for high yields and fast throughput.

Automated End of Line (EOL) testers can reduce or even eliminate returns while interacting with plant-wide tracking and quality control systems.


Manufacturing aerospace components demands the highest quality standards and can involve specialized techniques such as laser welding and induction brazing. Automated assembly cells can take on those operations and integrate quality control mechanisms such as leak testing and visual inspection.

A fully automated air flow bench can dynamically route pressure-regulated air through various combinations of critical flow nozzles to achieve a prescribed series of pressure ratios or flow parameters. A clean test report shows all pressures, temperatures, flow rates, and calculated results to certify or validate a part design.


Injection mold tending systems can perform operations such as de-gating, sprue removal, inspection, and packaging.

Assembly systems the incorporate ultrasonic welding produce parts with no leaks and do not require extra fasteners or adhesives.