The thrill of solving a manufacturing challenge with the most efficient and effective automation or test systems is what drives PrimeTest Automation leaders Steve Benvenuto and Dan Press today, and it’s what motivated them from day one. 

After growing up in the northeast and gaining engineering degrees at Villanova and Brown, Steve and Dan both relocated to sunny Florida and made career advancements in automation and test systems, respectively. Both earned credibility, developed deep relationships within their industries, and started independent companies. At Performance Automation in 2001, Steve built a general automation house, taking on projects with PLC-based control panels, control systems, pick and place robotics, automated assembly, and other automated processes. In the meantime, Dan and his team at PrimeTest Corporation worked on end-of-line testing, PC-based data acquisition and measurement, and LabVIEW software development.

Automated Assembly Conveyor for Automotive ETC Sensor

The first product that Dan and I worked together on at PrimeTest Automation was this automated assembly system for building and testing electronic throttle control sensors.

As expected, automation clients needed testing systems and vice versa, so the two companies became acquainted and collaborated on several projects before Performance Automation acquired PrimeTest Corporation in 2005. By combining, the now-PrimeTest Automation could serve customers as a one-stop shop for automation system design, prototype, test, and deployment.

One of their first projects, a machine platform for an automotive client, included both an automated tester with a user interface and an integrated PLC that proved the automation and test businesses could work together to create a successful unified platform.

Since then, the company has completed hundreds of successful projects, vastly increased its staff, diversified technical capacities, and added 10,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with full fabrication capabilities.

Customer care always comes first at PrimeTest Automation. Instead of completing and shipping a system and leaving any challenges up to the client, PrimeTest Automation invites them to its machine shop and has customers understand, troubleshoot, and train on their system before it’s shipped – and then supports them throughout the deployment.

Recent projects include automated life cycle test systems for Class III medical devices that simulate acute human biological conditions, and laser etching with inspections at 50x/second. Those accomplishments are underscored by an ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and UL 508A Panel Shop designation which validate the company’s proven processes and quality standards.

Day in and day out, Steve, Dan, and the team at PrimeTest Automation are looking to solve the next manufacturing challenge with automated solutions.

Steve Benevuto-Test systems expert


“Our company culture comes from the top down. We stand by our work each and every time, and want to help clients mitigate the risk that comes with new systems.” –Steve Benvenuto


Dan Press -Test systems expert


“When clients let us explore the tradeoffs of various solutions, or the possibility of robotics, we’re often able to create something more effective, efficient, and long-lasting than they had set out to find.” –Dan Press